Can bespoke kitchens be designed to fit any space?


A bespoke kitchen in Woodbridge made by English GrainYes, as we make all of our bespoke kitchens by hand in Suffolk, there is an innate flexibility to all the designs – kitchens without compromise.

The same is true with any of the bespoke furniture we construct. Indeed, we pride ourselves on being able to create beautiful kitchens and furniture that will look at home in any challenging spaces and awkwardly-shaped rooms that customers may have. 

For example, we have created Suffolk farmhouse kitchens and other bespoke furniture, such as wardrobes for quirky country cottages that take into account elements like low ceilings, beams and the odd angles that are such an attractive feature of period properties.

Indeed, we always pride ourselves on being able to work with any shape of room – and relish the challenge!