Why should I choose English Grain for my handmade kitchen in Suffolk?


A bespoke kitchen breakfast bar for a Suffolk kitchen made by English GrainYes, there are a number of really good Suffolk bespoke kitchen companies out there, but we firmly believe that there are various reasons why you should consider English Grain to make your kitchen. 

We have a real passion for what we do. From the initial designs, to hand-crafting in our workshop, then taking care over the final installation – we offer unrivalled levels of service and quality products built to last a lifetime. 

You can also expect a truly personal service, with English Grain’s James Kinninmonth taking full ownership of each project. So, no middle-men and no hard-sell – we’re confident enough to let our kitchens speak for themselves.

Lastly, we may be a smaller kitchen company, but that is also a key strength. And when allied with our proficiency is the ‘sweet spot’ necessary for the perfect end product and customer experience.