A bespoke kitchen handmade in Suffolk by English GrainWe’ve been making handmade kitchens in Suffolk for years.

Ordering a bespoke kitchen ensures you get a kitchen custom-built to fit your property and lifestyle perfectly – and that takes care and attention to detail.

So, if you’re considering a handmade kitchen or item of bespoke furniture, then there are a number of questions that you’ll inevitably have from the outset. We’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions about the services we offer.

How do I order a bespoke kitchen? 

How long does it take to make a bespoke kitchen? 

How long have you been making bespoke kitchens in Suffolk? 

How much does a bespoke kitchen cost? 

Why should I buy a bespoke kitchen?

Are bespoke kitchens more traditional? 

Do you just make bespoke kitchens for Suffolk customers? 

Is the wood you use in your kitchens from sustainable sources? 

Do you make other bespoke furniture in Suffolk?

Can bespoke kitchens be designed to fit any space? 

What should I consider for my bespoke kitchen design? 

What makes good kitchen design? 

How much input can I have in a bespoke kitchen design?

What aftercare do I get with a handmade kitchen?

Can a bespoke kitchen company compete with bigger kitchen suppliers? 

Why are there no prices for your bespoke kitchens on your website? 

What sets English Grain apart as makers of handmade kitchens in Suffolk? 

Can I buy a bespoke kitchen in Suffolk on a budget? 

Where can I see English Grain’s bespoke kitchens in Suffolk?

I’m interested in a bespoke kitchen in Suffolk – how can I find out more?