Why buy a bespoke kitchen?


A handmade kitchen island in Suffolk home made by English Grain near WoodbridgeThere are lots of reasons to buy a bespoke kitchen, rather than compromise and opt for a standard design.

Unlike a mass-produced kitchen, each bespoke kitchen we make is entirely crafted from scratch with raw materials in our workshop in Suffolk. It means you can get exactly the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about.

The flexibility of a handmade kitchen means it can be adapted in countless ways – from different heights and depths of cabinets, to incorporating designs such as curves and angles, along with a range of options for finishing.  

We also offer real personal service with experienced kitchen craftsmen who know their stuff. 

English Grain’s James Kinninmonth is fully engaged with the whole process of making a kitchen every step of the way. James will meet you to discuss options, create and adapt designs, construct the kitchen in the workshop and be on site for the installation.